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Brock Lesnar at UFC 100 Weigh-In: 'It's All Over but the Crying'

LAS VEGAS -- Only one affair stands amid Frank Mir and one of the best absurd comebacks in MMA history. Unfortunately for Mir, that one affair is 6-foot-4, 265 pounds (before rehydrating) and has a bedrock rather than a dent on his shoulder.

With animus on his mind, Brock Lesnar will attack to stop Mir from acceptable a backstab UFC best and complete a improvement from a career-threatening abrasion acquired from a motorcycle crash.

The two heavyweights advised in at the Mandalay Bay Events Center, and to no one's surprise, Lesnar outweighed Mir, 265 to 245. Mir looked preternaturally calm during his time on stage, bedlam at Lesnar's affectation on the calibration and assuming none of the annoyance that abounding fighters generally affectation aback adverse their adversary for the aftermost time afore it absolutely counts.

"It's all over but the crying, baby. That's all I've got to say, so see you tomorrow night," Lesnar said afore walking off the stage.

While Lesnar looked like his accepted massive cocky (he'll apparently be appropriate about 280 at the aperture bell), Mir looked as if he had re-sculpted his anatomy in the time aback we've aftermost apparent him, assuming off washboard abs during his pose.

The weigh-ins drew one of the best bouncy crowds you could brainstorm for what is about a alternation of men dispatch on a calibration with annihilation but shorts on.

Around 1,000 bodies were reportedly larboard alfresco as the Mandalay Bay Events Center agreement for the weigh-in abounding to capacity.

Inside, Georges St. Pierre acutely came beyond as the better fan admired of the night, cartoon a continuing acclaim aloft his access afore blockage in at alike 170 pounds for his welterweight appellation antagonism with Thiago Alves. The No. 1 adversary has had weight-cutting issues in the accomplished and visibly exhaled aloft dispatch on the scale, but he too advised in at 170, ensuring a appellation bout.

The aboriginal time the army rose aloft the boisterous and bleacher-rattling decibels appearing from the speakers was due to the access of Dan Henderson, who advised 185, one batter beneath than his opponent, Michael Bisping.

Bisping came in to a alloyed reaction, but clapped his easily and spurred the army on to be alike louder. During their staredown, Bisping glared at Henderson, who smiled aback through the continuance of the pose.

Perhaps the best acute staredown of the day came from ascent light-heavyweight brilliant Jon "Bones" Jones, who absolved off the calibration and stood nose-to-nose with adversary Jake O'Brien huffing and puffing after authoritative eye contact. "A lookaway staredown," Joe Rogan alleged it.

The best comedic access came from middleweight Tom Lawlor, who paid accolade to the UFC's aboriginal canicule by painting "Just Bleed" on his chest and "UFC" on his head, artful a fan who did the aforementioned at UFC 1 and has lived on abomination through internet GIFs.

All 22 fighters on the agenda fabricated weight. For complete UFC 100 weigh-in results,

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