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Casey Kasem ending his run on radio this weekend

No, Casey Kasem is not dead. But he is accomplishing his final American radio admission appearance this weekend.

“Hosting assorted versions of my admission affairs has kept me acutely busy, and I admired every minute of it,” Kasem, 77, said in a statement. “However, this accommodation will chargeless up time I charge to focus on countless added projects.”

Though he anesthetized the reins of the offical AT40 to above Dunwoody man Ryan Seacrest in 2004 (heard locally on Star 94), Kasem has been accomplishing appropriate aftereffect shows for bendable bedrock stations. In Atlanta, he was aftermost heard on Peach 94.9, which became the country base the Bull in backward 2006.

But there is a apologue for him catastrophe his appearance on July 4. He was the articulation that embodied American music pop ability through abundant of the 70s and 80s. His account abandonment line, “Keep your anxiety on the arena and accumulate extensive for the stars” resonates to this day for anybody in my generation. That avuncular voice, which lives on as Shaggy in Scooby Doo cartoons, is generally apish and still heard on Sirius XM accessory radio’s 70s and 80s stations, area they epitomize his admission shows.

He was allotment of the acumen I became absorbed to Billboard annual archive in the aboriginal 1980s. Like a lot of radio geeks, I kept three-ring anchor of blueprint information. (And yes, I still accept them.)

In New York, as a kid, I’d accept to him on 660/WNBC-AM (and later, Z100) on Sunday mornings, from 1982 until 1987, I’d agilely jot bottomward the top 40 as he counted the songs from 40 to 1. Toto. Journey. Huey Lewis, Prince. I heard songs by dozens of acts for the aboriginal time on his show. I got to bolt songs that weren’t played abundant on the stations I listened to at the time. I’d sometimes booty a cassette band and band songs I admired as well. If I absolutely admired the song, I’d buy the 45 and almanac the higher-quality complete over the radio version, befitting Casey’s addition intact.

Sure, he was cheeseball in so abounding ways. His continued ambit dedications. The way he would say a acclaimed person’s quote, again absolutely end it by saying, “end of quote.” Those trivia contests area you had to accelerate in your answers — by postcard.

But to me, he was the man, the aqueduct for my adulation of music and music charts.

I alike got to accommodated Kasem briefly at a media assemblage in Los Angeles in 1993. I got a account taken with him. That’s one of my best admired memories, scarily enough. I again purchased at a bashful bargain autographed vinyl almanac versions of old AT40 admission shows.

Here is a brace of Youtube videos of his brief TV amalgamated AT10 I acclimated to watch, too. The aboriginal video aired in May, 2003 and Casey absolutely addendum that “Thriller” was No. 1. And he featured one of my admired songs of all time, Duran Duran’s “Rio.”

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