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corey feldman is hurting

Following Michael Jackson’s death, adolescent performers and celebrities remembered his abstruse access in music.

Diana Ross: “I can’t stop crying, this is too abrupt and shocking. I am clumsy to brainstorm this. My amore is hurting. I am in adoration for his kids and the family.”

Whitney Houston: “He was one of the affidavit I got into the music business. He aggressive me. He accomplished me. He laughed with me. He paved the way for African American artists to be played on MTV which was huge. My amore is abounding of affliction for his ancestors and his accouchement and I adjure that they booty alleviation in the absurd bequest of his music and art.”

Smokey Robinson: “I will absence Michael and all that he brought to the apple through his music and his artistic genius. I apperceive his fable will alive on and the apple will absence him dearly.”

President Barack Obama, as said to Press Secretary Robert Gibbs: “Obviously Michael Jackson was a amazing performer, a music icon. I anticipate everybody remembers audition his songs and watching him moonwalk on television during Motown’s 25th anniversary. But the admiral additionally said he had aspects of his activity that were sad and tragic. His condolences went out to the Jackson ancestors and admirers that ache his loss.”

Mary J. Blige: “One of my Angels has gone home. Michael, your adulation and abundance will alive consistently through me. I absence you and adulation you consistently and ever. I’m so aching and saddened.”

Slash: “One of the best accomplished & activating performer/singer/songwriters I anytime formed with. Unfortunately, the altercation surrounding his claimed activity in contempo years overshadowed his unparalleled contributions to the music world, which is a tragedy in as of itself. But, his music will alive on consistently no amount what & his anamnesis will be adored & admired for years to come.”

Lisa Marie Presley (on her blog): “Years ago Michael and I were accepting a abysmal chat about activity in general. I can’t anamnesis the exact accountable amount but he may accept been analytic me about the affairs of my father’s death. At some point he paused, he stared at me actual acutely and he declared with an about calm certainty: ‘I am abashed that I am activity to end up like him, the way he did.’ “

Paul McCartney: “I feel advantaged to accept afraid out and formed with Michael. He was a massively accomplished boy man with a affable soul. His music will be remembered consistently and my memories of our time calm will be adored ones.”

Madonna: “I can’t stop arrant over the sad news. I accept consistently admired Michael Jackson. The apple has absent one of the greats, but his music will alive on forever! My amore goes out to his three accouchement and added associates of his family. God bless.”

Justin Timberlake: “I can’t acquisition the words appropriate now to accurate how acutely afflicted I am by Michael’s passing. We accept absent a ability and a accurate agent of not alone Pop music, but of all music. He has been an afflatus to assorted ancestors and I will consistently admire the moments I aggregate with him on date and all of the things I abstruse about music from him and the time we spent together.”

Martin Scorsese: “Michael Jackson was extraordinary. Back we formed calm on Bad, I was in awe of his complete ability of movement on the one hand, and of the music on the other. Every footfall he took was actually complete and aqueous at the aforementioned time. It was like watching arbitrary in motion. He was admirable to assignment with, an complete able at all times, and—it actually goes after saying—a accurate artist. It will be a while afore I can get acclimated to the abstraction that he’s no best with us.”

Will .i.am: “I am so beholden to accept formed with the King. He was a allowance to the world. He is a ablaze light, and I wouldn’t be afraid if the apple chock-full spinning tomorrow.”

Wyclef Jean: “Michael Jackson was my agreeable God. He fabricated me accept that all things are possible, and through absolute and absolute music. He can alive forever! I adulation Michael Jackson. God absolve him.”

Steven Spielberg: “Just as there will never be addition Fred Astaire or Chuck Berry or Elvis Presley, there will never be anyone commensurable to Michael Jackson. His talent, his account and his abstruseness accomplish him legend.”

Usher: “It is with a abundant amore I composed this statement. May God awning you, Michael. We all lift your name up in prayer. I adjure for the absolute Jackson family, decidedly Michael’s mother, accouchement and all his admirers that admired him so much. I would not be the artist, aerialist and philanthropist I am today after the access of Michael. I accept abundant account and account for him, and I’m so beholden I had the befalling to accommodated and accomplish with such a abundant entertainer, who in so abounding means transcended the culture. He bankrupt barriers, he afflicted radio formats! With music, he fabricated it accessible for bodies like Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama to appulse the boilerplate world. His bequest is unparalleled. Michael Jackson will never be forgotten.”

Mariah Carey (via Twitter): “I am heartbroken. My prayers go out to the Jackson ancestors and my amore goes out to his children. Let us bethink him for his unparalleled addition to the apple of music, his generosity of spirit in his adventure to alleviate the apple and the joy he brought to his millions of adherent admirers throughout the world. I feel adored to accept performed with him several times and to alarm him my friend. No artisan will anytime booty his place. His brilliant will flash forever.”

Britney Spears: “We were activity to be on bout in Europe at the aforementioned time and I was activity to fly in to see him. He has been an afflatus throughout my absolute activity and I’m devastated he’s gone!”

Russell Simmons: “Courageous, different and abundantly talented. He’ll be absent greatly.”

Lisa Marie Presley: “I am so actual sad and abashed with every affect possible. I am crestfallen for his children, who I apperceive were aggregate to him, and for his family. This is such a massive accident on so abounding levels, words abort me.”

Eddie Van Halen: “I am actually shocked; as I’m abiding the apple is, to apprehend the news. I had the amusement of alive with Michael on Exhausted It aback in ‘83—one of my fondest memories in my career. Michael will be absent and may he blow in peace.”

John Landis (director of Thriller video): “I was advantageous abundant to apperceive and assignment with Michael Jackson in his prime. Michael was an amazing aptitude and a actually abundant all-embracing star. He had a afflicted and complicated activity and admitting his gifts, charcoal a adverse figure. My wife Deborah and I will consistently accept abundant amore for him.”

Corey Feldman: “He was my idol, he was a role model, he was addition to cry to back my adolescence was unbearable, he was a brother, he was a baby friend.”

Diddy: “Michael Jackson showed me that you can actually see the beat. He fabricated the music appear to life!! He fabricated me accept in magic. I will absence him!”

Ice T: “Rest In Accord Mike. Bodies can say what they appetite but you were 100 per cent original. WE will consistently love, absence & bethink your GREATNESS.”

John Mayer: “Dazed in the studio. A above fiber of our cultural DNA has larboard us. RIP MJ. I anticipate we’ll ache his accident as able-bodied as the accident of ourselves as accouchement alert to Thriller on the almanac player.”

Miley Cyrus: “Michael Jackson was my inspiration. adulation and blessings.”

Ludacris: “If it were not for Micheal Jackson I would not be area or who I am today. His Music and Bequest will alive on Forever. Prayers to the fam. R.I.P.”

MC Hammer: “I accept no words.. I admired Michael Jackson.. RIP..”

Lindsay Lohan: “NO OMG … sending my adulation and prayers out to Michael and his ancestors … i feel sick.”

Quincy Jones: “I am actually devastated at this adverse and abrupt news. For Michael to be taken abroad from us so aback at such a adolescent age, I aloof don’t accept the words. Divinity brought our souls calm on The Wiz and accustomed us to do what we were able to throughout the 80s. To this day, the music we created calm on Off The Wall, Thriller and Bad is played in every bend of the apple and the acumen for that is because he had it all…talent, grace, professionalism and dedication. He was the able amateur and his contributions and bequest will be acquainted aloft the apple forever. I’ve absent my little brother today, and allotment of my body has gone.”

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