Jumat, 03 Juli 2009

Crystal Defanti

Crystal Defanti is working as teacher in Isabelle Jackson Elementary School and she planned to make a DVD on past year memories of her school. She played that DVD innocently and school shots and students were shown in the starting scenes but then suddenly in the next scene everyone saw Crystal Defanti having sex with someone.

Isabelle Jackson Elementary School teacher Crystal Defanti was as surprised as her students, when last year’s memories tape convert in to their teachers’ sex tape and she did not released what she has done until the kids pressed play.

The DVD shows the kids sharing stories and clapping and then suddenly it changes in to a sex tape and not just any sex, sex involving your child’s fifth grade teacher.
A parent “Joe” said that the DVD was showing my son on the screen and suddenly, her teacher Crystal Defanti was there on the couch. After Crystal Defanti find out about her mistake she was shocked and called parents, requesting them to destroy the DVD.

Crystal Defanti has a very good reputation in the school, apart from this incident of sex tape. Sex tape of Crystal Defanti is not the only one unintentionally played sex tape case like Tonya Harding and her Jeff Gilooly (her ex-husband) had made a sex tape on their wedding night but was released on internet.

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