Kamis, 09 Juli 2009

Evian's 'Babies on Skates' commercial: Who wants a bottle?

The whole CGI-enabled "babies talking and/or acting like adults" thing kinda creeps me out, and this ad for Evian, in which babies are doing rollerskate stunts and breakdancing to "Rapper's Delight," is no exception. That said, it's pretty seamless, definitely hilarious (love the cocky "What?" stance at 0:43), and a marked improvement on the ho-hum synchronized swimming Evian ad from a couple months ago. Plus, they toss in a few giggles, coos, and toddles to help cute it up a bit. Definitely a clever way to hammer home Evian's "Live Young" slogan and help bring a hip-hop coolness to a brand that could still benefit from anything that helps shed its lingering Yuppie-Water stigma. What think ye?

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