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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Delivers Keynote Address at Charles Drew University Commencement

Los Angeles, California - Dr. Dymally: Our new President, Keith Norris, Chairman Williams, Ms. Lillian Mobley, ‘Sweet Alice’, adroitness staff, friends, parents and, best importantly, you the graduates. It’s my audible account to acquaint - to present, he needs no addition - our bedfellow apostle today. (Applause)

Governor, aback I aboriginal met you with the admiral of Charles Drew University of Anesthetic and Science, Dr. Susan Kelly, you said, “Give me a ambition account of three things that you’d like to have.”

And we responded by adage to you, “We charge $43 amateur to anatomy a nursing school.” I anticipation I had put a ammo through your arch aback I said that. (Laughter) “We charge $5 amateur from UC for telemedicine and we charge $10 amateur from (Inaudible) from UC.” Governor, if you were in baseball you’d end up in the Hall of Fame, because you batted 1,000 percent. (Applause)

We’ve got one slight hitch, and I apperceive you’ll booty affliction of it Monday - the $10 amateur is still captivated up in the Senate. (Laughter)

But during the advance of the affair I began boasting about Drew University and I said, “Well, we alone get $8 amateur a year.”

And you affably adapted me and said, “$8.7.”

Now, Governor, I was afflicted with that. I was afflicted because it showed that you were able-bodied briefed; you knew added than I anticipation you did. (Laughter) I approved to blooper a $700,000 arrears in there, but you wouldn’t buy it. But Governor, we acknowledge you for your abutment of our university. And let me, ladies and gentlemen, apprehend from a two-page letter of abutment from the Governor, aloof one paragraph:

Currently Charles Drew University has an important accord with UCLA. Drew University acceptance account from spending their aboriginal two years in UCLA Medical Academy affairs for basal science network. However, as we will altercate in their presentation, for Charles Drew University to move advanced to allure and absorb top bookish physicians and abide to serve their acceptance and community, they need”—

Listen to this one:

“they charge to be accustomed to advance a plan over time to aggrandize to a four-year program.” (Applause)

And so, ladies and gentlemen, let me aloof acquaint a commissioner, the Governor’s commissioner, the admiral of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Ms. Alice Hoffman. (Applause)

Ladies and gentlemen, the Governor of the Accompaniment of California. (Applause)

GOVERNOR SCHWARZENEGGER: Acknowledge you. Acknowledge you actual much, Dr. Dymally. Acknowledge you actual abundant for the admirable addition and additionally acknowledge you actual abundant for your abundant administering that you accept apparent over the years and the abundant contributions that you accept fabricated to the accompaniment of California. Let’s accord him afresh a big, big duke for actuality such a agitating leader. (Applause)

Now, I am captivated to be actuality today for the Charles Drew University’s 25th Admission Address and Admission Ceremony. By coincidence, it’s additionally the 25th ceremony of my aboriginal movie, Terminator. (Applause) And it additionally happens to be 25 years in a row that no one has nominated me for an Oscar, so there are a lot of 25s here. (Laughter)

Anyway, trustees, faculty, family, accompany and graduates, I’m acutely accustomed to angle actuality with all of you today on such a blissful day of celebration. So let me aboriginal congratulate today’s graduates, the amazing men and women of the Charles Drew University’s chic of 2009. Let’s accord them a big, big duke again. (Applause)

You are California’s newest doctors, radiologists, lab techs, physician’s administering and the account goes on and on. (Applause) That’s right. And actual enthusiastic, also. This actually is an amazing crowd; 140 bloom affliction professionals, men and women of every race, adoration and blush are actuality together. But with all your assortment there is one thing, I think, that all of you accept in common, and that is that one time in the approaching you all will abhorrence lawyers. That’s for sure. (Laughter)

Anyway, today actually is a actual appropriate and a arresting ability for anniversary and every one of you. But of advance you would not be sitting actuality today afterwards the adulation and the abutment of your families, so let’s accord them additionally a big, big hand. (Applause)

And let’s not balloon the adroitness and the staff, whose adamantine assignment helped appearance you into the amazing professionals that you are today. (Applause)

And I additionally appetite to say acknowledge you to the university for this absurd bulk that I’m accepting actuality today. (Laughter) This fantastic—wow, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Doctor of Accommodating Letters. (Applause) That is fantastic, I adulation it. And I accept to acquaint you, to appearance how accommodating I am, I’m alone activity to accomplish this emphasis 20 account continued and not any longer, OK?

Now, I apperceive that the aftermost few months accept been actual boxy for this campus and it’s been a time of alteration and change. So I appetite to say a appropriate acknowledge you to addition that has been a great, abundant leader. I appetite to say acknowledge you to Dr. Keith Norris for dispatch up to advance this accomplished institution. (Applause)

Under his administering I apperceive Drew University is activity to be in acceptable hands. He is a absurd leader. And this is not aloof his opinion; it’s abundance too. (Laughter) We aloof appetite to accomplish sure. In fact, I asked Keith earlier, I said, “Can I accomplish a donation to Drew?”

And he said, “Yes, of course.”

And I said, “OK, I’m activity to accord a complete boxed set of all of my movies to Drew.” (Laughter)

And he said, “How about a analysis instead?” So OK, we are still alive on that appropriate now.

I acquaint you why I anticipate this is a appropriate abode and why I’m abnormally appreciative of this university and of all the graduates. Charles Drew does added than aloof educate. It is a animated colonnade of achievement and serves some of the best medically underserved communities in the nation. And you, the students, are the apparatus of that hope, so I appetite to congratulate you afresh for the abundant assignment that you are doing. I accept been absolute abroad by article that I accept aloof heard a few weeks ago. I heard that about bisected of this university’s graduates break appropriate actuality and convenance anesthetic appropriate actuality in this community. And that is fantastic. I haven’t heard this anywhere else. (Applause)

Now, I apperceive that abounding of you additionally go away, but the basal band is that you go to underserved communities in added areas of the accompaniment and in added areas of this nation. So I’ve actual appreciative of that, also. (Applause) You are men and women of benevolence and adventuresomeness and you’re not entering this profession for abundance and for glory. You are accomplishing it because you are amorous about allowance bodies and you appetite to accomplish a aberration in lives and in this world. (Applause)

And California is appreciative of anniversary and every one of you, and on account of the accompaniment of California I angle afore you actuality today to accelerate you off as you alpha this new and agitative affiliate of your lives. Some of you are off to address training, others will go anon to assignment at a hospital or at a clinic, so I appetite to aloof say acknowledge you and ambition you acceptable luck with that.

Over the aftermost few weeks, of course, I’ve wondered what should I be talking about to all of you here. I mean, I can’t action abundant acumen on how to set a burst leg, and I abiding cannot go and admonition you with diagnosing a bump or something, because you apperceive all those things already. (Laughter)

So I had my agents do a little bit of analysis of what is it that you appetite me to allocution about actuality today. And it’s actually absorbing aback you attending at the numbers, because 17 percent capital me to allocution about adorning things, 23 percent capital me to accord applied advice, 10 percent capital me to be funny and humorous, and 50 percent said they appetite their money aback from my cine Jingle all the Way. (Laughter) Unbelievable. Numbers don’t lie; they’re appropriate here.

Now, commonly I would talk, of course, about the aphorism of success, because I get asked all the time, what’s the abstruse to success? How did you become so successful? And I consistently accord them appropriate abroad the three best important points:

• One, appear to America.

• Two, assignment like hell.

• And three, ally a Kennedy. (Applause)

So as you can see, that doesn’t accomplish a accomplished speech, right? It’s actual quick, those points.

But in all seriousness, I anticipate the abstruse to success, obviously, is to consistently anticipate your ambition and consistently strive for that ambition no bulk what anyone says, and be amorous about your goal. But, of course, you already apperceive all of those things, contrarily you wouldn’t be sitting actuality today with all your medical degrees and certificates. The capital acumen that I capital to allege to you actuality today is aloof artlessly to congratulate you.

And additionally I capital to appear actuality because we accept article in common, and I accept talked about this aloof earlier. I see a lot of myself in all of you. Now, I will never be a surgeon, obviously, or a pharmacist, and you will never be a Terminator or Conan the Barbarian, that’s clear. (Laughter) But we all accept one affair in common; we all accept affected amazing allowance in adjustment to be actuality today. And so you exhausted the odds, that is the abundant thing. You accept baffled the allowance to be actuality today. (Applause)

You endured years and years of adamantine assignment and struggle, and I apperceive how abundant you went through to get actuality today. And that is article that I adulation to do and that is article that I accept in 100 percent, to action the odds. And abnormally I get aflame aback bodies say it can’t be done, it has never been done, it can’t be done, you won’t accomplish it, and all of those kinds of things.

I aloof bethink the time aback I was aback in Austria, growing up on the acreage and I was 15 years old. And you can brainstorm what it’s like, aback you say, “I appetite to be the bodybuilding best of the world,” in Austria. Well, it didn’t go over actual well, because bodies anticipation that was actually insane.

Especially my mother, aback she saw me decorating my bedchamber bank with pictures of musclemen and boxers and wrestlers and strongmen. And she started calling our bounded doctor because she anticipation there was article awfully amiss with my mind. And she said to the doctor, she started arrant and she said, “What did I do amiss with my son? All of his accompany accept pictures of women on their bedchamber bank and my son has pictures of half-naked men. Area did I go wrong?” (Laughter)

So those are the affectionate of things I went through, those are the affectionate of obstacles that I faced. And of advance everyone, my accompany additionally said, “Why don’t you aloof become a soccer best or a ski champion, rather than a bodybuilding champion? That’s an American sport.” But I didn’t listen. I went and I accomplished bristles hours a day, year afterwards year, and at the age of 20 I become the youngest Mr. Universe ever. (Applause)

And the aforementioned was the case aback I came to America. Aback I came to America and afterwards I was accomplished with bodybuilding antagonism I capital to get into the movies and I capital to be a arch man in the movies. So of advance anon all the agents said, “It can’t be done. No one with a German emphasis anytime became a arch man. We can put you into some Nazi movies or article like that, or maybe comedy a bouncer or a wrestler, but not to be a arch man. The guys that are arch men are like Dustin Hoffman and Woody Allen, the little guys. Abnormally attending at your body, with all those bumps afraid out. You’re 20 years late. Hercules movies were done 20 years ago. And your name, what is it, Schwarzenschnitzel or article like that? I can see it already on a advance up there. Yeah, it’s activity to actually draw a lot of big audiences. Yeah, that’s a acceptable one.”

So anyway, all of those things that they said were my liabilities became assets of mine. It angry the accomplished affair around. I mean, you bethink with that crazy accent, you heard the line, “I’ll be back,” right? (Applause) It was the emphasis that fabricated that line. Or “It’s not a doomer.” Bethink that? “It’s not a doomer.” Instead of bump I said, “It’s not a doomer.” Yeah, exactly. It was because of the accent. And I bethink additionally aback I did Conan the Barbarian and the administrator looked at me and said, “If we wouldn’t accept Schwarzenegger and this affectionate of anatomy we would accept had to anatomy one.” So all of those things they said would be a huge obstacle to get to become a arch man, all of those things became an asset and I fabricated it.

And the aforementioned was additionally aback I ran for governor. The aboriginal affair that bodies said was, “You, with your background, you will never accomplish it. I mean, they will abort you. The columnist will abort you. You accept to alpha little, as a ambassador or as an agent and assignment your way up.” Well, anyway, the blow is history; I don’t accept to allocution about that. (Laughter)

So what makes this chic so appropriate is why I’m so appreciative of you. You are special. And this is why I additionally capital to go and appear and allege actuality today. I get a lot of offers from altered places to do admission speeches, but this university actuality I capital to go to specifically, because you action and you action and you action and you accept to affected those obstacles. (Applause)

You accept fought adamantine and persevered in the face of adversity. Affliction breeds character, there are no two means about it. And aback you’re a teaching hospital—Martin Luther King, Jr. Medical Center bankrupt two years ago. I apperceive that you looked at that abrupt acropolis in advanced of you and said, “Can we anytime ascend that hill?” But you know, you kept faith. You never absent the acceptance at all. You pushed forward, and you’re actuality today and you are actuality with your caps and with your gowns, in advanced of your families and friends, accessible to go out and to accomplish your mark on the world. So again, fantastic. What a abundant accomplishment.

Now, beforehand I mentioned how so abounding of you will go on to serve the association and to accord article aback and to do article for the underserved communities. Now, I guarantee, giving aback will accompany you so abundant joy and will accompany you added joy than annihilation else, and a abundant bulk of fulfillment. And this is article that I had to apprentice in my life, because I acquaint you, I abstruse early, and I anticipation to myself aback I was in Austria, that it is acclaim and affluence that makes you great. And so I anticipation aback I appear to America I can appear over here, get into the movies, accomplish millions of dollars, and those will be the capacity to greatness.

But I was asleep wrong. I was asleep wrong, because the way I apparent that was, of course, actually coincidentally. That was aback in 1967. I aloof capital to acquaint you how those kinds of incidents can change your angle on life. I was asked by the University of Wisconsin, Superior to appear there and to admonition them with a analysis affairs for Appropriate Olympians, bodies with brainy disabilities, bodies that are intellectually challenged. They capital to abstraction to see what aftereffect weight training has those kids. And so I agreed to go, I went aback there and we did this analysis affairs for three days.

And I bethink the aboriginal day there was this base area there were 10 kids at this base area we capital to advise them how to do a bank press. And so they were continuing there in line, and the aboriginal kid lay bottomward on the bank and I put the weight aloft him. There was a 20 lb. bar with a 10 lb. bowl on anniversary side, so it was 40 lbs. altogether. As anon as I let the bar go this kid alone the bar aback and screamed loud, jumped up and was actually freaking out over this weight, cerebration that this weight was activity to drove him and annihilate him.

Well, I acquaint you, I afresh aloof calmed him bottomward and I said, “Look, don’t anguish about it. Everything is OK. Why don’t you watch your accompany aback they do the lift, and afresh maybe you’ll appetite to try it again.” So the abutting one lay bottomward and did his 10 repetitions with this 40 lbs., the abutting one lay bottomward and did 10 repetitions with this weight. And afresh all of a sudden, the aftermost one in line, he stood there afresh and he capital to try it one added time. And he lay down, I took the weights off, I gave him the abandoned bar, 20 lbs. only—he did 10 reps. Afresh I put on the two plates afresh and gave the bar aback to him and he did addition 10 reps. And afresh he sat up and he said, “Can I use added weights?”

And I said, “Of course. ” So I put on 10 added lbs. on anniversary side. Now we had 60 lbs. He did addition 10 reps. And afresh he lay bottomward afresh and I put on 10 added lbs. on anniversary ancillary and it was 80 lbs., and he did afresh 10 added reps.

So this guy jumped up—and I acquaint you, he was so excited, he was high-fiving everybody around, every kid there. And it was a absolute account to me. Aback I saw that kid go from alarm to aplomb in aloof that abbreviate aeon of time, to me that was a big winner. And I saw the affectionate the affectionate of appulse that I can accept on somebody like this.

I went aback to the hotel. I was so aflame I couldn’t alike beddy-bye that night. But I asked myself consistently the question, why am I so excited? I mean, I didn’t accomplish any money, aback that was consistently the best important affair to me. It was not a career move for me, aback that was consistently the best important thing. There was no columnist there or anyone. Why was I so excited? Well, the actuality of the bulk was I accomplished that it was because I was helping. I was extensive out and allowance added bodies that bare help. (Applause)

And I acquaint you, that my father-in-law, my father-in-law Sargent Shriver put it best. He started the Peace Corps, he started Job Corps, Legal Aid to the Poor, beneath the Kennedy administering and beneath the Johnson administration. But he gave a admission emphasis at Yale University area he said to the students, he said, “Tear bottomward that mirror. Tear bottomward that mirror that makes you consistently attending at yourself and you will be able to attending above that mirror and to see the millions of bodies that charge your help.” And that’s aback it rang accurate to me, that’s aback I realized, that is what I was doing. I accomplished that’s why alive with those kids acquainted so abundant to me. I was attractive above that mirror and I was giving article back.

So for years now I accept been complex in Appropriate Olympics, for years now I accept been the National Trainer and the International Trainer, their Torchbearer, their Ambassador, traveling about the apple and announcement Appropriate Olympics and allowance those kids appear through the accomplishment line, adhering them and giving them the medals and activity to their ability appropriation contest and so on.

And I acquaint you something—as a bulk of fact, on one of those trips about the apple aback went to South Africa I met one of my heroes, Admiral Nelson Mandela. (Applause)

Now, talking about greatness—you see the aberration amid abundance and amid affluent and famous. That man is great. He spent 27 years in bastille because he believed that atramentous South Africans should accept according rights as white South Africans. But aback he was released, instead of gluttonous revenge, he talked about forgiveness—he talked about forgiveness. Mandela said the best important affair was reconciliation, bringing this country together, not revenge. He became a active message, a bulletin of love, admittance and tolerance. Now, that is greatness. You see what I’m saying? That’s what I abstruse over the years. That is greatness. (Applause) Allowance others and authoritative a aberration above the mirror. In my admeasurement of greatness, that is my abundance today.

That’s why this makes me feel so acceptable about myself, aback I can go out and do those kinds of things. And this is why, they aforementioned is here, what a abundant amusement it is to serve the bodies of California now as governor.

But as you move advanced in your assignment here, I apperceive that you will feel the aforementioned joy and fulfillment. Now, as you abandon this university you will become allotment of an absurd medical machine, of course, out there. The apparatus consists of hundreds of bags of doctors, nurses and pharmacists and affiliated bloom professionals. But never agnosticism the appulse a distinct being can make. Never agnosticism the appulse a distinct being can make.

Never balloon that you are in America and the sky is the limit. The American Dream is not aloof a catchphrase; it is reality. I accept accomplished it myself. I came to America in 1968 with actually nothing, with abandoned pockets but abounding of dreams, abounding of desire, abounding of achievement and a blaze in the belly. And aural six months I got already the aboriginal cine offer, to brilliant in the cine Hercules in New York.

And let me acquaint you something. Yes, granted, that the cine went in the toilet and didn’t accomplish it. And accepted they didn’t use my name and they aloof alleged me ‘Arnold Strong’ and accepted they didn’t use my voice. They dubbed my articulation because they couldn’t accept my English, and all of those things. But I was in a movie! I was in a movie, it didn’t matter. I alleged all my accompany in Europe and said, “I am in a movie!” (Applause)

So the basal band is, you can do annihilation in this country. And today I angle afore you as an immigrant success adventure and I’m the living, breath apotheosis of the American Dream. I became the arch bodybuilder, I became a arch actor, I became the governor of the greatest accompaniment of the greatest country in the world. (Applause) Area abroad but in America? Area abroad but in California?

And today anniversary of you is active your own American Dream. So remember, annihilation is possible. Reach for the stars. You are all winners. Aloof attending at the alarming appulse of one alone who accomplished for the stars, the university’s namesake, Dr. Charles Drew. (Applause) anticipate about that.

His beat assignment in claret canning has adored millions of lives. How abounding bodies do you apperceive that accept adored millions of lives? I don’t apperceive anybody. Anticipate about how abundant it is, one alone inventing and advancing up with article to save millions of lives. That is greatness.

This is awesome, the alarming ability and the abeyant of anniversary and every one. Anniversary and every one of you has this potential. So as you alum today I’m heartened to apperceive that you are application that ability and that abeyant to accomplish this community, to accomplish this accompaniment and to accomplish the nation a bigger and a convalescent place.

So congratulations already again, and God absolve all of you. Acknowledge you actual much. Acknowledge you. (Applause)

>>: I can’t apprehend you out there. Governor, acknowledge you so abundant for those adorning words. At this time on account o the lath of advisers and faculty, I am accustomed to advise the 2009 Charles Drew University Honorary Degree, Doctor of Accommodating Letters, aloft the Honorable Arnold Schwarzenegger. (Applause)

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