Selasa, 14 Juli 2009

Home Run Derby Numbers Game

Ratings and viewership for the MLB Home Run Derby since 1998.

The 2008 Home Run Derby drew a 5.5 U.S. rating (6.4 cable) and 9.2 million viewers, making it the highest rated, most-viewed Derby since '98. In the three years prior to '08, the Derby drew fewer than 7 million viewers.

Ratings/viewership for the MLB Home Run Derby since '98.
U.S. rating presented in chart; U.S. rating (cable rating in parentheses) and viewership presented in table.

2008Mon., 7/14/08MorneauESPN
2007Mon., 7/9/07GuerreroESPN
2006Mon., 7/10/06HowardESPN
2005Mon., 7/11/05AbreuESPN
2004Mon., 7/12/04TejadaESPN
2003Mon., 7/14/03AndersonESPN
2002Mon., 7/8/02GiambiESPN
2001Mon., 7/9/01GonzalezESPN
2000Mon., 7/10/00SosaESPN
1999Mon., 7/12/99Griffey, Jr.ESPN
1998Mon., 7/6/98Griffey, Jr.ESPN

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