Kamis, 09 Juli 2009


Those of us in Christiandom apperceive that KLOVE is a accepted radio base heard beyond the country. Many of us are adored by the sounds of Christian music bushing the airwaves. Although I accept I'm added fractional to Air1 -- KLOVE's sister radio base that plays to a adolescent admirers -- I acquisition accepted achievement in KLOVE. It beats alert to allocution radio and a accomplished agglomeration of added stuff. Twice a year the base does fundraising drives. I'm affronted by them. It's aloof boxy alert to them ask for money. I apperceive they are listener-funded and God absolve those admirers who pony up so the blow of us can adore some Christian tuneage, but that doesn't affluence my annoyance.

Here's my arch beef with the accomplished thing. I looked up KLOVE's Form 990, which is basically an accounting of its money that every nonprofit is declared to book annually with the IRS. The best contempo Form 990 I begin through guidestar.org was for 2007. Whoa nelly! Some association are authoritative some bread off of KLOVE. The station, based in Rocklin, Calif., appear absolute acquirement of $82.8 actor in 2007. The costs were $62.1 million, abrogation an balance of $20.7 million. Is it me or is that a lot of dough? The base additionally appear net assets of $100 million. Nice.

Here are the top bristles paid advisers of KLOVE:

1) Dick Jenkins, CEO--$283,452

2) Mike Novak, President--$225,018

3) Jon Rivers, Music Director--$220,730 (No best with the base able March 30 for alien reasons.)

4) Joseph Miller, Assistant Treasurer--$204,859

5) Keith Whipple, Secretary--$192,968

I counted 12 advisers earning added than $100,000. Not too shabby, eh? At the least, it's article to anticipate about the abutting time a agreement drive rolls around.

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