Kamis, 09 Juli 2009

LeBron Gets Dunked On, Nike Rep Allegedly Confiscates the Video

By abounding beholder accounts, there was a above two-handed douse befuddled bottomward by Xavier's Jordan Crawford on Monday, during a auto bold at the LeBron James Skills Academy in Akron, Ohio. Not a big deal, really, because highlight-worthy dunks arise in summer auto amateur all the time, abnormally back there's annihilation at pale and the aegis can at times be non-existent.

This one, however, was a big deal. And not aloof because the douse in catechism happened on the arch of LeBron James himself, but because we will acceptable never be able to see it -- acknowledgment to a rep from Nike allegedly confiscating video of the adventure anon afterwards it took place.

Presumably, the accommodation was fabricated that by acceptance this video to get out and arise on YouTube, it would somehow be damaging to LeBron's reputation, which is acutely article that the bodies of Nike don't appetite to accept happen. But by authoritative abiding no one will anytime see the blow by confiscating tapes, they candidly could not accept done a worse job of administration the situation.

First of all, who cares if addition gets dunked on in some summer auto game, alike if it is the ascendant MVP of the league? It's not like anybody is activity all out in these things, and while a douse like that ability advertising up the acceptability of a about alien like Crawford, it's activity to accept an aftereffect of actually aught in the way bodies apperceive LeBron James.

Second, and acceptable of added accent to the association at Nike, is the actuality that this adventure has advance like bonfire over the internet. It's already popped up on several above sports blogs, and Twitter is alarming up on the subject, with bodies sending about old video clips of LeBron accepting dunked on, and alike authoritative their own Nike-themed posters of the now abominable event.

Bad move, Nike. And let's not forget, this comes afterwards an abrupt playoff exit, and a altercation about sportsmanship back LeBron didn't agitate easily with the Magic players or allege to the media until two canicule later.

By absolution this video out, a almost baby cardinal of bodies would accept apparent it, and that would accept been that. By preventing it from seeing the ablaze of day, Nike is abacus to the accretion acumen that LeBron is a prima donna, who is absorbed in annihilation added than self-promotion.

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