Jumat, 10 Juli 2009

Mayara Tavares Obama Photos

Mayara Tavares is the 16 year old junior G8 delegate from Brazil. Many of you who are interested in foreign affairs and keep abrest of American politics would know that President Obama is visiting the G8 and it so happened that Mayara Tavares, in all her glory, walked past by.

President Obama and French president Sarkozy were snapped by the photographer checking out this girl and it appears as if both are leering and oogling till the world comes to an end.

Pictures are definitely worth more than thousand words but sometimes they do not convey the complete “picture” so I am ready to give President Obama the benefit of doubt.

Check out the video and Photo in question below and make up your own minds. No matter how much we debate on what the truth is, the fact of the matter is, the world and majority of its populace, and especially the late night comedy union is going to spin this till the cows come home.

President Obama, you have been caught!

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