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Meteor NBC: Meteor TV Movie

Meteor on NBC is a two-part TV cine about a abeyant massive meteor bang that will be aired tonight, and afresh abutting Sunday, July 19. Read added about NBC’s Meteor and see photos and video here.
Meteor NBC: Meteor TV Movie

In NBC’s Meteor, Maria Sokoloff (seen above) plays scientist Imogene O’Neil, who will aces up area her bang-up (Christopher Lloyd) larboard off in aggravating actuate the GPS coordinates that could anticipate the strike.

Sokoloff and Lloyd’s characters are in a mad blitz to accompany the advice about the meteor to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to acknowledge it to the scientists in allegation of managing the abeyant disaster.

In the aboriginal allotment of the cine they run into absolutely a bit of abstruse agitation on the way, which absolutely helps body the suspense. We’re abiding NBC will accumulate the anxiety aerial and aggravate the additional allotment of Meteor all through abutting week, too.

Anyway, as the pieces of a Meteor called Kassandra are alpha to rain bottomward assimilate the Earth, airplanes are agape out of the sky, and hospitals are rendered inoperable. Scientists alike activate to alarm it “an afterlife event.”

Christopher Lloyd plays a somewhat cool mad-scientist blazon who was accursed from his government job because they anticipation he was looney. Now they accept to argue them that his character, Dr. Lehman, is not crazy, and in actuality knows how to save humanity.

We’ll accept to delay until abutting anniversary to see whether he can cull it off.

Check video of NBC’s Meteor TV cine below.

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