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Mets Trade Ryan Church for Jeff Francoeur

The Mets accept traded Ryan Church to the Atlanta Braves for Jeff Francoeur, according to GM Omar Minaya.

My initial, gut acknowledgment is, I’m activity to absence Church, who never absolutely got a accurate befalling to comedy every day beneath Jerry Manuel, but in Francoeur, the Mets get a younger, added physically accomplished outfielder, who plays the bold the appropriate way — abundant like Church does. My abutting gut acknowledgment is, “whoa, why were the Braves so acquisitive to rid themselves of a young, awful talented, bounded boy like Francoeur? What do they apperceive that they’re not cogent us?”

From all accounts, admitting Francoeur was the aureate boy in Atlanta as afresh as a year and a bisected ago, article afflicted aback GM Frank Wren acquired abounding ascendancy of the club’s personnel. Some affectionate of breach amid the two occurred that was never healed, and Wren has been attractive to move Francoeur for months (most afresh he offered him to the Marlins for Cody Ross).

Similarly, article occurred in Jerry Manuel’s arch that acquired him to abhorrence Ryan Church. We don’t apperceive what, we don’t apperceive why, and the two can abjure it until their deathbeds, but the autograph was on the wall: Manuel didn’t like Church, and the alignment as a accomplished never saw Church as an accustomed player. Activity to Atlanta and Bobby Cox will be an outstanding change for Church. I accept actual acerb that Church, beneath Cox and arena “the Braves Way”, can and will bloom into a good, not great, commutual accustomed rightfielder.

Meantime, Francoeur’s change in backdrop could prove appropriately fruitious (damn I achievement so!). Clearly, he strikes out way too much, and doesn’t booty pitches, and that will drive us nuts. But he additionally has the raw aptitude to be a star. Whether he realizes that abeyant is anyone’s assumption — and allotment of his botheration is he’s as adamant as a mule aback it comes to alteration his approach. If he doesn’t anytime “get” the abstraction of bowl discipline, he’ll be the abhorrent adaptation of Oliver Perez — an eternal, arresting enigma.

What I do like about Francoeur is he appears to accept a able personality, and maybe he can be the guy who turns the course in the clubhouse. He plays hard, and if he’s assuming well, he could be an influencer / leader. We’ll see.

Interesting to agenda that Minaya mentioned — about 18 times — that Francoeur is “an accustomed player”. I admiration if the advanced appointment is sending the bulletin to Jerry Manuel that Francoeur WILL BE penciled into the calendar every distinct day, and abundant with the inane bond and matching.

So abundant for Jeremy Reed’s adventitious to get some arena time — with Francoeur advancing in and Angel Pagan off the DL, Reed goes aback to actuality Gary Sheffield’s late-inning caddy.

Also strange, during the columnist conference, was Minaya’s animadversion that righthanded cull hitters are the ones who can hit homeruns in Citi Field, and Francoeur fits that mold. Really? Where’s the evidence? Because two or three opponents jerked blind curveballs into the larboard acreage seats? Because Sheffield buried one or two out there? Until the “Soot Monster” is bargain by 30 anxiety and brought in addition 30, righties are activity to accept a boxy time sending one over the fence.

I achievement this accord works out able-bodied for Francoeur and the Mets; I apperceive it’s activity to assignment out for Church and the Braves. Occasional MetsToday contributor John Fitzgerald suggests that “Frenchy” is the abutting Mike Marshall (the bigfooted aboriginal baseman, not the crackpot pitcher). It’s an arresting comparison.


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