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nicole bobek figure skater

Nicole Bobek, a 31-year-old above internationally accepted amount skater and U.S. Champion in 1995, was answerable on July 6, 2009 with cabal to administer methamphetamine. She was in the high amount of a biologic trafficking arena that resulted in 19 arrests.

Bobek was extradited from Florida and brought aback to Jersey City, New Jersey as a avoiding from justice. In her bankrupt ambit arraignment, she was represented by Sam DeLuca at the Central Judicial Processing Center in Hudson County. Bobeck was dressed in blooming bastille apparel - see photos.

The crimes took abode in New York, area the arena was reportedly bringing in the methamphetamine from the West Coast, and affairs $10,000 account per week. Police additionally confiscated accoutrements and counterfeiting equipment. The accumulation is believed to accept been acerbic $1 bills and copy them in beyond denominations.

Hudson County Prosecutor Edward DeFazio said, “She played a cogent role in this operation. She was actively involved.” If bedevilled she could absorb 10 years in bastille and face a $150,000 fine. She is actuality captivated on a $200,000 bond.

Bobek had her best acknowledged aeon in amount skating in 1995, back she was the U.S. Champion and won a brownish badge at the World Amount Skating Championships. Her career began to abatement afar not continued after and according to those abutting to the sport, she acquired a acceptability for poor training conduct and aberrant behavior.

Bobek was answerable as a accessory in 1994 with aboriginal amount home invasion. She entered a home, removed money from a purse and was again aghast by the home buyer who absolved in on her. She was 17 years old at the time and her anonymity was to be adequate beneath Michigan law. Back the advice leaked to the media the case was befuddled out and she was not prosecuted.

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