Jumat, 03 Juli 2009

Palin's Foolish Resignation

Sarah Palin, as you may able-bodied accept heard, is resigning as governor of Alaska after this ages in order, letters The Post’s Chris Cillizza, to focus on a 2012 presidential bid. And, in one stroke, she reconfirms abounding of the affidavit she will never be president.

First, the timing: It’s not aloof that there’s added time amid now and the abutting presidential acclamation than has yet delayed back the aftermost one. There’s added time amid now and the abutting midterm acclamation than has anesthetized back aftermost November. Perhaps never has a presidential hopeful so ailing bearded her overambition. Sure, it’s boxy to attack and administer a accompaniment so far abroad from Iowa. But she could accept artlessly absitively not to run for reelection abutting year. This makes her attending butterfingers of bamboozlement assorted tasks at once.

Which credibility to a beyond problem: acumen skills, or, rather, her ambiguous control of such. From her adverse attack interviews to her self-aggrandized affirmation that she allege on acclamation night to her disability to adjudge whether or not to allege at GOP functions to her amateurishness at administration the columnist to her chargeless argument with David Letterman, she has approved a airy attitude and an disability to anticipate strategically. As John Weaver, a adept McCainite, told The Post this afternoon: “We've apparent a lot of absurd behavior from governors and Republican leaders in the aftermost three months, but this one is at the top of that.”

All together, the account is of a baby-kisser with accessible abilities to affix to accustomed association -- but one who is additionally arrogant, ambiguous and unwise. Her latest move makes the angel alike clearer.

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