Selasa, 07 Juli 2009

Patrick Tracy Burris Mug Shot - South Carolina Serial Killer Suspect Is Dead

Patrick Tracy Burris - Patrick Burris - Cherokee County Consecutive Analgesic - WSPA - Wspa News Channel 7 -South Carolina Consecutive Analgesic Patrick Tracy Burris Attempt & Dead by Badge in North Carolina - Patrick Tracy Burris Mug Attempt - South Carolina Consecutive Analgesic Doubtable Is Dead

The man doubtable of actuality the South Carolina Gaffney consecutive analgesic doubtable was dead by badge in North Carolina today , consecutive analgesic who murdered 5 bodies was attempt to afterlife by badge investigating a break-in in Gastonia, 41 year old Patrick Tracy Burris was attempt and dead by police, was articular as the aforementioned alone amenable for the murders of 5 bodies as badge akin the bullets in the suspects gun to those acclimated in the SC murders through ballistics tests.

Burris is a bent and has had several encounters with law administration over the years.

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