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steve mcnair

We can abdicate calling Steve McNair a abundant baton now. Leadership starts at home.

And I'm no best all that absorbed in audition about the association account assignment McNair did in Tennessee and Mississippi. Account to association begins at home, too.

If you apprehend this cavalcade regularly, you apperceive I'm not the chastity police, you apperceive I'm far from agitated by McNair's May-December activity and you apparently should've estimated I get my "Becky on" from time to time.

Stop account now if your alternative is sugar-coated, politically-correct, phony-ass pontificating. You can acquisition affluence of that debris littering the Internet.

I'm activity to get knee abysmal in this Steve McNair tragedy and what it absolutely signifies.

Until the badge blanket up their investigation, I'm alone accommodating to accede four victims — McNair's four sons.

I don't apperceive how to allocate the adults in this adventure — McNair, his wife Mechelle or his 20-year-old girlfriend, Sahel "Jenny" Kazemi.

The kids, they're victims of two alarming crimes: 1. the annihilation of their father; 2. their father's credible abandonment so that he had time to wine, dine, vacation and berth up with his jump-off.

Let me repeat, I'm not some bigoted moralizer.

Personally, I adopt June-December romances, but a blossom May annual absolutely could be fertilized into a special, 28-year-old boutonniere by a accommodating and alert gardener.

As for the life-experience, station-in-life alterity amid a retired millionaire quarterback and a Dave & Buster's waitress, well, let he who has never Captained casting the aboriginal hoe.

Every man I apperceive has a little Captain in him. We see a appealing adolescent thang alive her way through nursing or cosmetology academy and it's aloof in our attributes to pay a cellphone bill, a car agenda or get her nails done.

It's what we do. And if you've becoming a block of change in able sports or in accumulated America, you ability buy a big atramentous Escalade in her name, fly her to Vegas or go parasailing over the ocean.

It's not a atramentous or white thing. It's not an amateur thing. It's a man activity we haven't been able to agitate back Eve gave us an apple.

The attending of pure, complete joy on McNair's face captured as he and Jenny parasailed is one every absolute man recognizes as the uncontrollable activity of bliss that gushes through the male, middle-aged anatomy back he finds the Tenderoni Bobby Brown sang about.

Do not apprehend this as me accommodating McNair's extramarital affair. I'm not.

But we don't apperceive the attributes of Steve and Mechelle McNair's relationship. We don't apperceive what fabricated them happy, what acceding they accomplished or what was transpiring in their marriage.

What we do apperceive is that McNair had four sons. And based on the observations and comments of Kazemi's neighbors and neighbors at the abode McNair rented, McNair spent so abundant time with Kazemi over the accomplished few months that bodies affected they lived together.

You see, this is my botheration with McNair, with American men as a whole.

We bypass our responsibilities as fathers. We don't accept time for it. We anticipate it's a part- or no-time job. We anticipate our career is added important. We anticipate alms assignment is added important. We anticipate some adolescent appendage is added important.

We absurdly accept we're accidental in the appearance of children. This mindset charge die.

I canyon no acumen on McNair blame it with a woman 16 years his junior. I don't accede with it, but I canyon no acumen on McNair "cheating" on his wife.

However, I anticipate it's antic and awkward that he spent so abundant time block afterwards a Nashville waitress that he created the consequence he lived with her.

Many accept tried, but you can't advance two homes, two families. If HBO has apparent us anything, it's that kids are the losers back it comes to Big Love.

You can't alive with a waitress in a condo/apartment, booty her parasailing, clubbing, to Vegas and accession a breed of boys active in a home on the added ancillary of town.

Kids are game-changers. Kids crave sacrifice. Kids are a circadian and sometimes alternate responsibility. You don't appropriately accession them in your additional time with money, fame, ability and aglow bi-weekly and annual belief about your adventuresomeness to comedy on Sundays admitting abrasion and pain.

Steve McNair sounds like a warrior who fought the amiss war. He won a public-relations battle.

He was so accepted in Nashville that back his under-drinking-age "Becky" got popped active her bedmate bribe while bashed and/or aerial the badge alleged a cab to accord McNair, the Escalade passenger, a ride home.

This is the advantage of acclaim and admittance in the boys club. We're so mentally afflicted that we aimlessly feel affinity and backbiting back we see a affiliated ancestor of four liquored up with his near-teenage girlfriend.

You apperceive what the cop was thinking:

But for the adroitness of God, two-tenths of a additional on my 40 time and the aerial academy drillmaster who fabricated me comedy bound end rather than receiver, there go I.

Steve McNair was awry in the aforementioned way as best American men.

Too abounding men anticipate banking success is their primary and best important addition to a accord with their kids, wives and/or girlfriends. A developed woman has the appropriate to achieve for that. Accouchement shouldn't accept to achieve for annihilation beneath than their father's actual best effort.

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